October 3, 2009

MAS vs. Air Asia Rivalry Benefits Consumers

Consumers are benefiting from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) versus Air Asia rivalry. Many years ago, there was no such thing as low cost air travel. Then came Air Asia. With its motto “Now Everyone Can Fly”, Air Asia made airline travel affordable.

But MAS is not to be outdone by Air Asia. In recent years, we have seen MAS offering cheap tickets that can certainly compete with Air Asia's price. Take for example the popular Kuala Lumpur to London route. Now MAS is selling tickets from KL to London for MYR 999. This is the all-inclusive price for a one-way ticket. It is a very good price.

I searched the web to compare ticket prices for both airlines. KL to London route - MAS price is MYR 999, Air Asia's price is MYR 1054. Conventional airline selling tickets cheaper than budget airline? This is certainly a good day for consumers.

(Screenshot- Online Booking at Malaysia Airlines)

(Screenshot - Online Booking at Air Asia)

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1 comment:

  1. And this month both airlines are having a mad sale promotion.

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